Garage Door Tune Up

When you have an expensive car and sophisticated tools as part of your workshop in your garage, then you need to ensure the safety of these items. The only way possible is to ensure that your garage door is working smoothly without any hint of malfunction. As an important structure of your home, you need to get your garage doors tuned up and serviced from time to time by an experienced garage door repair service.

At Avondale Garage Repairs services in Arizona, we provide thorough inspection and tune up of your garage door. As part of our garage door maintenance program we ensure that your garage door functions as well as it should. Our safety checks and inspections feature a complete run down of your garage door where we thoroughly inspect each and every item of your garage door to identify areas that need servicing, repairing or replacement.

Garage doors often experience intense wear and tear due to the constant functional use. As a result, nuts and bolts can get loose and need frequent tightening. The major mechanisms of your garage door such as torsion springs, safety cables, and rollers, door tracks and wiring need special attention. A problem in either of these items could not only damage your garage door, it could cause severe accidents.

Features of Avondale garage door tune up

  • Nuts and bolts tightening
  • Lubrication of joints, chains, tracks etc
  • Point to point safety inspection
  • inspection of rollers, bearings and hinges
  • Adjustment of the track as needed
  • Torsion spring inspection and tension

The Importance of Maintaining Your Garage Door

It is common for families to use the garage door to enter a home. But what we don’t tend to realize is that this huge metal or wood contraption consists of a number of heavy duty parts. All of these need frequent lubrication, service and maintenance for their smooth operation and prevention of damage. In the absence of repairs, a garage door has the potential to be a hazard rather than an item of security.

With Avondale Garage Repairs, we are backed by the most professional of personnel qualified to inspect and tune up a garage door completely. We ensure a total check of your garage doors so that you can be rest assured it remains in perfect working order.

With replacement of parts that provide the highest quality of service, we at Avondale Garage Repairs will provide our utmost to ensure reliable service and maintenance for the longevity of your garage door.